The sound of simpler asthma management

Sonohaler’s digital asthma management platform simplifies how people with asthma understand and manage their condition. Unlike more complex connected solutions, Sonohaler’s inhaler caps are non-electronic and work through sound, making it easier to take charge of asthma.

The benefits of keeping it simple


  • Stick to your treatment plan
  • Get the most out of your medication
  • Minimize your risk of attacks


  • Empower your patients
  • Coach better compliance 
  • Optimize remote monitoring and consulting

Simple to use, powerful under the hood

Sonohaler’s digital platform gives patients a clearer picture of their condition by correlating the sound of the patient’s inhalation with activity, environmental data, medication usage and inhalation technique.

Sono One inhaler cap generates a low sound during inhalation

Sonohaler app analyzes and displays inhalation performance

Sonohaler app provides weather and inhalation tracking

Web access and remote monitoring