Connecting the dots of asthma management

Our asthma management platform consists of a non-electronic inhaler cap, mobile app, and a web app for patients, physicians, and providers.

Sono One

Sono One is a non-electronic inhaler cap that works with commercial MDI inhalers. It generates a unique sound signature when the inhaler is used to evaluate inhalation performance.  The inhaler cap is waterproof, made from non-toxic, medical grade material, and is available in personlizable colours and designs. 

Mobile App

The mobile app captures and translates the sound signature generated by the Sono One inhaler cap and provides feedback on the inhalation performance. It also guides the user through the inhalation process, tracks medication adherence, reminds the user of scheduled doses, and provides local weather, pollution and pollen information. The app is compatible with both MDI and DPI device versions.

Web App

The web app seamlessly integrates with Sono One inhaler cap and mobile app to provide patients, physicians, and providers a secure and comprehensive view of user inhalation metrics. The app can also be used by healthcare professionals for effective remote patient monitoring.